GIS / Cartography

WestLand is an industry leader in developing Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Geospatial Analysis and Cartography. WestLand has demonstrated capabilities in creating and hosting web mapping applications, creating and administering large databases, analyzing and reporting on spatial and non-spatial data, digitizing graphic data, thematic mapping, vector and raster analysis, and surface modeling. Our team has vast experience in successfully creating web based and desktop asset management tools and databases for large land managers as well as performing line-of-sight analysis, slope and aspect analysis, automated watershed delineation, prediction of flood extents, three-dimensional perspective visualization, and fly-through visualization.

Our team utilizes an ESRI ArcGIS® Enterprise server platform and can host multiple web mapping applications that incorporate both spatial data (GIS) and non-spatial data (i.e. photos, reports, and databases). These mapping applications are web based and are either hosted on our dedicated SSL Secured GIS server or transferred to your server. Additionally, Westland has a vast suite of the latest software and hardware for entering, analyzing and displaying geospatial data as well as producing presentation quality graphics.

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