Jim Tress, Jr., MNS

Founding Partner, President / CEO

Mark Taylor, PE

Founding Partner, SVP Water Resources Discipline Lead

Paul Tremel, PE

Chief Operating Officer

Susan Ellis

Chief Financial Officer

Brian Lindenlaub

VP, Mining/CWA Discipline Lead

Fred Huntington

VP, Cultural Resource Discipline Lead

Timothy Connolly

EVP Corporate Development

Craig Cannizzaro, PE

VP, Director, Engineering Services

Susan Gilbert, PE

Water Resources Engineering Discipline Lead

David Cerasale, PhD

Director, Environmental

Avi Buckles, MA

Director, Cultural Resources

Rick Schonfeld, RLA, ASLA

Director, Landscape Architecture

Yvonne Green

Director, Marketing, Business Development and Communications

Kristin Behrens

Director, Human Resources

Rebecca Maloney

Director, Information Technology

Maaike Schotborgh

Safety Program Manager

Maura Kwiatkowski

Executive Assistant

Leadership Team at WestLand

WestLand Resources is led by a management team whose credentials and experience have earned the company an industry-wide reputation for quality, dependability, and service. This is reinforced by the deep expertise of our leaders and the dedication and commitment of every employee.

The WestLand leadership team sets the strategic direction of the company, supports our passion for continual innovation, and our drive to meet the unmet needs of our clients.