WestLand’s professional consulting team has you covered. Look below to see what we can do for you.

  • Engineering Services Engineering Services

    Engineering Services

    At WestLand our engineering team is devoted to finding innovative solutions to address each client’s unique needs. Our engineers go beyond the project plans to ensure the success projects from design through construction – adding considerable value to the end product.

  • Environmental Services Environmental Services

    Environmental Services

    WestLand’s vast knowledge of environmental regulations and agency standards, as well as our comprehensive understanding of the environmental planning process, helps our clients navigate complex permitting processes.

  • Cultural Resources Cultural Resources

    Cultural Resources

    WestLand’s experience, innovative field strategies, and a thorough understanding of regulatory standards, helps our clients streamline the archeological process and keep projects running on schedule and within budget. We strive to not only meet regulations, but to also produce archaeological research of the highest professional standards.

  • Landscape Architecture Landscape Architecture

    Landscape Architecture

    Expert landscape architecture enhances the aesthetics and value of outdoor spaces. In addition to guiding the landscaping process to satisfy requirements, standards, and native plant ordinances, Westland strives to create balanced designs to achieve our clients’ goals.

  • GIS / Cartography GIS / Cartography

    GIS / Cartography

    Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and cartography are vital tools in meeting permitting requirements and predicting project cost. At Westland, we utilize state-of-the-art technology and practices to enable clients to graphically view the project as well as pertinent project information.

  • Land Survey Land Survey

    Land Survey

    At WestLand we understand how integral accurate land surveying is to a successful project. This critical service properly establishes boundaries, provides orientation and quality control to design projects, and identifies and prevents costly conflicts.

  • Construction Period Services Construction Period Services

    Construction Period Services

    WestLand and WRI Construction's combined expertise produces well-thought-out designs as well as accurate construction costs and schedules for engineering projects. Alternative contract delivery methods benefit our clients and improve the end product through comprehensive approaches that consider design and construction elements concurrently.